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Heart of the Dragon tea tasting event with David Lee Hoffman!

Heart of the Dragon tea tasting event with David Lee Hoffman!
Come join us at our retail shop on San Pablo Ave. Friday July 17th @ 2:00p as we invite David Lee Hoffman to share his love of tea and talk about this Dragonwell that he sourced, Heart of the Dragon.
A world renowned tea expert, David was the subject of the 2007 documentary "All In This Tea". Frustrated at the lack of good quality tea found in the States after his years of traveling and living in Nepal, David's mission was to source and export some of these highly prized teas back to America. He has done so since the 70s and is one of our trusted tea partners.
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to meet David Lee Hoffman, drink some incredible tea, and hear some tea sourcing stories.
2049 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA Friday July 17th @ 2PM

Heart of the Dragon


Heart of the Dragon

Picked before the early April Qingming festival, celebrating the vibrancy of Spring, Heart of the Dragon is produced from one day’s harvest grown by a single farmer in Fuchunjiang, Zhejiang Province. It’s in this province where the myth of the Dragonwell was born.   

Legend has it, that a village in Zhejiang was suffering through a drought. A priest instructed the villagers to pray to the dragon that lived in a nearby well. They did, the rains came and the village changed its name and its tea to Longjing, or Dragonwell.

Dragonwell is now one of the 10 famous teas of China, but the quality and authenticity of teas sold under this name vary wildly. Location, season, selective plucking and tea-making skill all determine quality. High quality Dragonwell teas are harvested by hand early in the season and expertly pan fried to press the leaves and stop oxidation. The leaves appear uniformly tight and flat, light to dark green in color. The steeped leaves are uniformly light green in color and plump. The aroma is fresh, complex and enticing.

Every year I seek samples of fresh Dragonwell, and unfortunately I've become accustomed to disappointment. Increasing demand for Dragonwell, regardless of quality, has driven up prices and made it more difficult to obtain great examples. Fortunately, 2015 was different. This tiny handmade lot is the best I’ve tasted in years. It’s so good, I had to share it!

The leaves were picked on April 2nd and the tea was made that day by Mr. Huang, a highly skilled local farmer. My source David Lee Hoffman bought the tea on site and brought it along with other select samples on the flight home. When I tasted this tea, I was immediately struck by the fullness, complexity and completeness of the cup. I love it for its rich buttery mouthfeel and its flavor of sweet summer corn and heady hints of sage.

I secured a limited quantity of this special tea and will not be able to get any more, so try it before it’s gone.

In tea,

July 4th and 5th Hours & Info

Happy holiday weekend to everyone celebrating Independence Day this Saturday and Sunday!  We hope your weekend is full of fun activities with family & friends.  If you plan on visiting Highwire this weekend, here is a rundown of our holiday hours by location:

Rockridge: closed Saturday, open Sunday 7:30a-7p
Flowerland Trailer: closed Saturday, open Sunday 8a-5p
San Pablo: open Saturday & Sunday 8a-3p
We will also be at the Temescal Farmers' Market on Sunday from 9a-1p and, super exciting news, we will be starting our first weekend at the CUESA Farmers' Market in San Francisco this Saturday, July 4th from 8a-2p!  Come support Highwire in SF this weekend!  Or anywhere you are!
Cheers to a safe and wonderful holiday,
<3 HCR

Welcome Tanzania Tarime and Colombia Huila!



Goodbye Rwanda Coproca! Hello Tanzania Tarime!

We have roasted the last of our Rwanda Coproca, but don't be sad! We have a new amazing African coffee on it's way! The Tanzania Tarime comes to us from the Mara region of Tanzania.This coffee comes from elevations as high as 2,000 MASL (meters above sea level).

Higher elevation coffees have a slower maturation on the plant, which leads to more complex flavors and more elusive sweetness. These farms that cotnribute to Tarime are all small holding farms, they only have between .5-3 hectares. 1 Hectare is 2.5 Acres

Tarime is located in the northwest of the Serengeti National Park and south of the Kenyan border. The soil in the region is one of the best for coffee production in Tanzania. Coffee is Sundried. The excellent rainfall, rich soils, steep hills, and different microclimates are favorable characteristics for the production of coffee in the region.

First roast of the Tarime begins Monday, April 20th!

Colombia Huila Finca La Ilusion Natural
We're really excited about this one!
Naturally processed coffees aren't something we often carry. The Natural Process or Dry-Process involves taking unmilled coffee cherries and leaving them to dry in the sun inside of their skin for several weeks. This process leads to amazing and explosive fruit like flavors throughout the flavor profile.
The naturally processed coffees we decide to carry don't only have the intense flavor but also the bottom heaviness to create a balanced and full cup.
A natural from Colombia is amazingly rare, and this coffee hails from an elevation of 1800 MASL, which is quite high for a coffee from Colombia.
We're sure you'll absolutely love it!  First roast TBD.  Stay tuned!

The Howling Wolf in Barista Magazine!


Barista Magazine, for those who don't know (and yes, there is a whole magazine dedicated to Barista antics) is kind of a big deal in our industry. We were super stoked when we heard they wanted to feature nitro brewed coffee for the February-March issue and immediately reached out with our own version of nitro brew, The Howling Wolf.

Click here to read the article where the Howling Wolf is featured and Highwire Coffee Roasters is noted as one of the few roasters around the country who are on the forefront of the Nitro Brew scene. 

Thanks to Tony Serrano and Cody Gordon, both who were interviewed in the article and our own, Chelsea Dier who shot the Highwire photos for Barista Magazine.

And if you STILL haven't tried The Howling Wolf, get over to our cafe on 5655 College Ave, 2049 San Pablo Ave or Cafe Underwood on 41st and Broadway.  


Silver Bud Pu-erh

Silver Bud Pu-erh was picked as a raw white tea on Big Snow Mountain (Da Xue Shan) in 2003 from the Yunnan Province in China, and brought back to Lagunitas, California where it was further processed and refined by David Lee Hoffman. Aged 12 years in his climate controlled pu-erh cave, this tea has us captivated and surprised at what pu-erh can be.

Get ready for notes of dried apricot, honey and pine.

Rich and Alice, our tea experts, had a chance to taste this tea with David at his home and were blown away by it. Not only because neither of them had ever heard of a white pu-erh but also because it presented so well and showed such unique qualities in each steep. 
What we do know is that the raw tea was picked from the broad leaf dayeh variety in Yunnan, China (a well-known tea producing area and the home of pu-erh tea) and made into a white tea. It was then brought back to Lagunitas, California for further processing and aging by David Hoffman in his climate-controlled pu-erh cave. Did we mention that it's a 12 year old tea? Pretty cool!
Unlike the darker, richer forms of Pu-erh that you may already be familiar with, this white pu-erh is soft and smooth with hints of apricot, honey and pine.  It unfolds beautifully with multiple short steeps and has a presence all it's own with one, long steep.  Either way, this tea is something we are super excited to share! 

Highwire Beer and Coffee Collaboration at Jupiter

Introducing Heraclitus!
We would love to announce a super exciting event going down on Tuesday February 10th!
To continue the collaborative effort we started with our POWERHOUSE SERIES Highwire Coffee and Drake's brewer Hal 9000 have teamed up on an inventive and exciting new brew called Heraclitus!
Come on down to Jupiter in Berkley at 3pm-6pm for an awesome meet and greet with Hal and Cody for the SF Beer Week crowd!
Heraclitus will be served in a flight with Drake's IPA and a very special batch of our Howling Wolf Nitro coffee that is brewed with 100% Ethiopia Kochere!
What's So Special About This Beer?
Heraclitus is a beer that represents where two craft industries are now. Rather than putting forward another coffee stout that tastes roasty and chocolatey, we decided to try something new.
This beer is an IPA.
We decided we didn't want the bottom heavy roastiness of coffee. What we wanted to highlight was the subtle nuances and aromatics of our favorite Ethiopian coffee.
We understood that adding coffee to the hot brewing process would just enhance an earthy and roasty flavor, so we instead opted to Dry Hop the beer with this coffee.
This way we would preserve aromatics and delicate flavor notes.
To go a step further, we hand selected hops and malts that would accentuate the flavors we loved about the coffee we selected.
Expect light and sweet flavors that go down nicely. The back end flavor is complimented by a pillowy mouthfeel as well as beautifully complex citrus and just a touch warm caramel. The idea was to not make a novelty beer, but an amazing IPA that could stand on it's own.
We think we knocked it out of the park.  Be at Jupiter in Berkeley Feb. 10th from 3-6pm to check it out.

Free Shipping on all orders over $20!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who ordered our coffee, tea and other merchandise on highwirecoffee.com in 2014!  

We dedicated 2014 as The Year of Free Shipping and shipped over 600 orders with no additional shipping charges.

We hope that this helped, in some small way, anyone who enjoys our coffees and teas at home here, in the Bay Area, and around the country.

As much as we would love to continue free shipping on all items, it just isn’t sustainable year after year. However, we are still offering free shipping on any and all items over $20. We sincerely appreciate your business and hope 2015 has wonderful things ahead!

Thanks so much,

--The Highwire Crew 

JOYA GRANDE GUATEMALA starts this week!!!

           Here it is... Our newest coffee to our lineup. JOYA GRANDE! 

        Maple sweetness surrounds this chocolate coated malty texture.                                   

Name of Estate: JOYA GRANDE
Farm Owner: Austreberto Morel Hidalgo
Region: Huehuetenango (La Democracia)
Localization (area): 325 kms. WNW of Guatemala City
Altitude: 4,500 to 6,000 ft. above sea level (1,370 to 1,830 mts.)
Coffee varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache
Quality: Fancy Strictly Hard Bean
Mill processes: Washed, naturally fermented, 100% SUN DRIED
Harvest season: January through April
Finca Joya Grande was established in 1976. It started with a very small coffee plantation and all production 
had to be transported by horses. In 1984, the first roads were built in order to facilitate
access by 4WD vehicles. 
All coffee pulp resulting from the wet mill process is utilized as organic fertilizer. The
water springs inside the farm are protected with vast vegetation in order to preserve the
area and avoid contamination. The farm donates sufficient potable water from its main spring to approximately 25 families of the neighboring village (Chinabaj). The farm works under a strict shade grown policy and also has forest conservation areas that provide shelter to many native fauna a flora species.

Fashion Make-Over 2013

As the end of this year approaches, we want to say goodbye to 2013 with style. We have new retail bags to contain our precious coffee seeds and new serve ware to espress(o) ourselves.  

Katie and I saying goodbye to the old packaging. So bittersweet. 


Katie, bad ass barista and charming individual, and myself have finally finished HIGHWIRE'S new sixteen ounce coffee packaging and graphics. Now, all of our blends have an individual graphic identity along with a new single origin design. In our eyes, doing this work in house continues to capture the spirit of Oakland based business. Starting from scratch with a DIY approach to create a product that truly reflects who we are as a coffee company. Check out the website to peek at the new designs. PS... We are currently offering free shipping with all online orders!!! Or, come to the cafe to see for yourself. 


Robert Myers, co-owner / co-founder of HIGHWIRE COFFEE ROASTERS, has also taken a huge step with upgrading our serve ware. We all agree that Heath Ceramics not only has an incredible look and feel, but better represents our coffee. Is there a better vessel in which to serve our hearty coffees? NOPE.