Highwire Coffee Roasters

We started Highwire Coffee Roasters in 2011 with the intention of building a company where people who are passionate about coffee and want a career in coffee will find a professional home. We are about making delicious coffee first and foremost, but how we get there is what makes it worth doing.

We believe it is possible to run a business wherein all the team members have a say in the company direction. Where they earn a living wage. Where they can use other talents to not only help grow the business, but to nourish their creative sides or other professional ambitions. Where health benefits are available to all who want them. Where full time jobs are the norm rather than the exception. Where we have bonused large percentages of our profits to all employees each year. Where we operate with a minimum of hierarchy. Where we see other coffee companies as colleagues rather than competition. We’re proud to say, we have done this at Highwire since we opened our doors in 2011.

Our team of 36 coffee professionals averages well over 10 years in this business, so it is obvious what all of us choose and love to do with our lives. This is not a whim. We love the pride in craft and service to others that this business provides.  With our depth of experience, we gain the benefit of 36 different paths to this place. 36 passionate people working towards the same goals.

We recognize that delicious coffee never happens by accident. It is the result of conscious decisions at every step, from picking only ripe coffee fruit through removing the seeds carefully, roasting with an eye on the cup, and attention to all the details that go into brewing a great cup. We have the experience, discipline and obsession to deliver delicious.

Our coffees are balanced, shaped by our tastes as much as our time working in coffee. We’ve seen trends come and go, and our coffee is not swayed. It shows our relentless pursuit of the cups we love, that we brew before heading in to work, that we wake up to and enjoy with family and friends.

Additionally, our tenant roaster training program has allowed us to share our roasting space with other coffee professionals, and train them to roast their own coffee to help them achieve the taste and style of coffee they like.

All of our graphic design is done in house by employees who bring their talents, sensibilities, love and ideas to bear on our coffee bag labels, clothing, buttons, etc.

Our new tea brand, our tea blends and purchasing decisions are made with the input of a range of our employees.

Our food and pastry selection is employee curated and managed with an eye toward delicious, vegan, gluten free, and locally-owned.

We’re proud of what we’ve created together, and would be thrilled to share our love and passion for what we do with you.


Robert Myers, Eric Hashimoto, Rich Avella

Highwire Coffee Roasters