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Compostable Coffee Bags on the Way!

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In Remembrance of Donna & Em

We lost two lovely, vibrant members of the Highwire family to the Ghost Ship fire. If you'd like to support the two memorial funds for Donna and Em, please click on the following links. Thank you for all of your support and kind words. We're so thankful to be a part of such a caring, strong community. Donna's Memorial Fund Em's Memorial Fund

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New Single Origin Coming Soon!

We’re excited to feature this Catuai variety coffee produced by farmer Fidelina Pérez. Grown on a two acre family-owned farm, she’s part of the Catracha Project, which educates local farmers on how to improve their coffee production and create more business opportunities. Fidelina receives all profits from the sale of her exported coffee, providing the main source of income for her, her husband and four children. She plans on using a portion of her earnings to help her daughters attend college. Our first roast date will be Monday, August 22. Make sure grab a bag while we have it available!

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Goodbye Highwire Tea, Hello Something New

Highwire highwire tea tea

When Robert, Eric and I took the leap and purchased Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea in 2011, we started what soon became Highwire Coffee Roasters. We initially struggled with what to call our company and consciously decided not to follow the old “...& Tea” naming tradition so popular in a previous generation. That convention made tea seem like an add on. We never liked the idea of tea being an afterthought, and we never approached it that way. I've overseen our tea program from the beginning, and I'm proud of what we built. I inherited a full line of teas, and...

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When You Buy from Highwire

Dear Highwire friends & family, Lately, it has become necessary for Highwire to raise prices on our coffee beans. These price increases, greatly overdue, bring us in line with our peers in the coffee industry, and cause everyone a certain amount of pain. For you, the pain is obviously paying more for something you enjoy and deciding whether it’s still worth it to you. That’s understandable and something we take seriously. For us it’s about being worthy of your confidence and business. One of the things we cherish most, is the chance to continuously earn our customers’, employees’ and vendor partners’...

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