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Let's Party! Happy Birthday Berkeley! You are 1!

We are so excited that it has been a year since we were able to join the Berkeley community in the form of Highwire Coffee at 2049 San Pablo Ave.  To celebrate, we are hosting a party March 18th, 2016 from 5-10pm.  

There will be a Latte Art Throwdown, East Bay Tasters Cup Challenge, Pretzels from Firebrand bakery, Cake, Beer, Music and Fun!  And of course Prizes.  We have goodies from sponsors like La Marzocco, Baratza, Sweet Maria's and more.

Brackets for the Latte Art Throwdown and the Tasters Challenge are small; 16 competitors for each event.  Sign ups begin at 5:30pm so get there early to sign up. Competitions begin at 6pm sharp.

Also don't forget to either bring the event flyer in fully colored or color one while you are there, but the last competition of the night will be the coloring contest.  Make sure to sharpen your crayon skillz. There will be a prize.

See you there!

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Heart of the Dragon Tea Tasting Event with David Lee Hoffman!

Heart of the Dragon Tea Tasting Event with David Lee Hoffman!
Come join us at our retail shop on San Pablo Ave. Friday July 17th @ 2:00p as we invite David Lee Hoffman to share his love of tea and talk about this Dragonwell that he sourced, Heart of the Dragon.
A world renowned tea expert, David was the subject of the 2007 documentary "All In This Tea". Frustrated at the lack of good quality tea found in the States after his years of traveling and living in Nepal, David's mission was to source and export some of these highly prized teas back to America. He has done so since the 70s and is one of our trusted tea partners.
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to meet David Lee Hoffman, drink some incredible tea, and hear some tea sourcing stories.
2049 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA Friday July 17th @ 2PM
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Heart of the Dragon


Heart of the Dragon

Picked before the early April Qingming festival, celebrating the vibrancy of Spring, Heart of the Dragon is produced from one day’s harvest grown by a single farmer in Fuchunjiang, Zhejiang Province. It’s in this province where the myth of the Dragonwell was born.   

Legend has it, that a village in Zhejiang was suffering through a drought. A priest instructed the villagers to pray to the dragon that lived in a nearby well. They did, the rains came and the village changed its name and its tea to Longjing, or Dragonwell.

Dragonwell is now one of the 10 famous teas of China, but the quality and authenticity of teas sold under this name vary wildly. Location, season, selective plucking and tea-making skill all determine quality. High quality Dragonwell teas are harvested by hand early in the season and expertly pan fried to press the leaves and stop oxidation. The leaves appear uniformly tight and flat, light to dark green in color. The steeped leaves are uniformly light green in color and plump. The aroma is fresh, complex and enticing.

Every year I seek samples of fresh Dragonwell, and unfortunately I've become accustomed to disappointment. Increasing demand for Dragonwell, regardless of quality, has driven up prices and made it more difficult to obtain great examples. Fortunately, 2015 was different. This tiny handmade lot is the best I’ve tasted in years. It’s so good, I had to share it!

The leaves were picked on April 2nd and the tea was made that day by Mr. Huang, a highly skilled local farmer. My source David Lee Hoffman bought the tea on site and brought it along with other select samples on the flight home. When I tasted this tea, I was immediately struck by the fullness, complexity and completeness of the cup. I love it for its rich buttery mouthfeel and its flavor of sweet summer corn and heady hints of sage.

I secured a limited quantity of this special tea and will not be able to get any more, so try it before it’s gone.

In tea,
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July 4th and 5th Hours & Info

Happy holiday weekend to everyone celebrating Independence Day this Saturday and Sunday!  We hope your weekend is full of fun activities with family & friends.  If you plan on visiting Highwire this weekend, here is a rundown of our holiday hours by location:

Rockridge: closed Saturday, open Sunday 7:30a-7p
Flowerland Trailer: closed Saturday, open Sunday 8a-5p
San Pablo: open Saturday & Sunday 8a-3p
We will also be at the Temescal Farmers' Market on Sunday from 9a-1p and, super exciting news, we will be starting our first weekend at the CUESA Farmers' Market in San Francisco this Saturday, July 4th from 8a-2p!  Come support Highwire in SF this weekend!  Or anywhere you are!
Cheers to a safe and wonderful holiday,
<3 HCR
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Welcome Tanzania Tarime and Colombia Huila!



Goodbye Rwanda Coproca! Hello Tanzania Tarime!

We have roasted the last of our Rwanda Coproca, but don't be sad! We have a new amazing African coffee on it's way! The Tanzania Tarime comes to us from the Mara region of Tanzania.This coffee comes from elevations as high as 2,000 MASL (meters above sea level).

Higher elevation coffees have a slower maturation on the plant, which leads to more complex flavors and more elusive sweetness. These farms that cotnribute to Tarime are all small holding farms, they only have between .5-3 hectares. 1 Hectare is 2.5 Acres

Tarime is located in the northwest of the Serengeti National Park and south of the Kenyan border. The soil in the region is one of the best for coffee production in Tanzania. Coffee is Sundried. The excellent rainfall, rich soils, steep hills, and different microclimates are favorable characteristics for the production of coffee in the region.

First roast of the Tarime begins Monday, April 20th!

Colombia Huila Finca La Ilusion Natural
We're really excited about this one!
Naturally processed coffees aren't something we often carry. The Natural Process or Dry-Process involves taking unmilled coffee cherries and leaving them to dry in the sun inside of their skin for several weeks. This process leads to amazing and explosive fruit like flavors throughout the flavor profile.
The naturally processed coffees we decide to carry don't only have the intense flavor but also the bottom heaviness to create a balanced and full cup.
A natural from Colombia is amazingly rare, and this coffee hails from an elevation of 1800 MASL, which is quite high for a coffee from Colombia.
We're sure you'll absolutely love it!  First roast TBD.  Stay tuned!
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