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Winter Morning 2018

Winter Morning 2018

Malt, dried fruit, honeysuckle

Winter Morning is our seasonal blend of nuanced, rare black teas. I create it as a kind of thank you to our community. A cup to savor as the year winds down and we reflect on what we’ve experienced and what’s ahead in the new year. It’s always somewhat optimistic, reflective of flavors I love in a cold weather tea, and hopeful for what the future will bring.

This year’s blend is based on Gold Dust Yunnan, the large leaf black tea with striking gold tips that we currently offer as a seasonal single origin. This tea is soft and luxurious, with flavors of honey and cedar. While it’s lovely on its own, I wondered what I could achieve by combining it with complimentary teas. One of those is Honey Orchid, a high grown slow growing meizhan variety from Fujian with long black leaves and notes of cocoa and malt. The third component is a rare lot of black tea with spicy, brisk and somewhat woodsy character. It’s a tea that I likely won’t be able to get anymore, so I’m looking forward to enjoying what it contributes to this year’s blend, created anew every year as a comforting addition to those colder winter days.

The finished tea is smooth and aromatic. Expect to taste elements of malt, a dried fruit sweetness, and honeysuckle. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while creating it with my budding tea blender.

To warming Winter mornings,

-Rich Avella, Founder, 4track Tea

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