Origami Drip Filters pack 100 (2 sizes available)

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The original ORIGAMI DRIPPER paper filters made by CAFEC Japan. Compatible with most 4 cup cone brew methods.

  • Conical Dripper Filter, no ridges
  • CUP4 for Medium dripper (1-4 cups)
  • 100 sheets per pack
  • Material: Virgin Pulp
  • Made in Japan

 The drying process of a 2-side crepe CAFEC paper filter differs from the making of traditional paper filters. The 2-side crepe filters are air-dried horizontally, retaining crepes on both sides of the paper. The traditional rotary hot drum drying method applies pressure and flattens the bottom side of the crepe, creating a flat surface on one side.

Additionally, the finer texture of a CAFEC filter enables water to flow smoothly with stability for a more controllable extraction process.