After Hours: 100% Water-Processed. Best Decaf Coffee.


Decaf can be delicious! We believe that decaf drinkers shouldn’t settle for a mediocre cup of coffee.  Whether you drink decaf because you are pregnant, sensitive to caffeine, or just like a cup of coffee later in the day, this Blend is for you. Put simply the cup of coffee we want to drink. Anytime.

Full-flavored and satisfying with great body. We love this as an espresso as well as other brew methods. Latin American and Ethiopian water processed coffees come together in a cup with personality and presence.

Process: Washed

Profile: Sweet. Syrupy. Dry Cocoa.

Highwire's roast profile emphasizes creating a balance between syrupy smooth body and the delicious lighter notes inherent in coffees from Ethiopia and Latin America. This balance will reward coffee drinkers who drink their coffee black as well as those who like a little cream or sugar. 

After Hours Decaf is 100% Water-Processed. This means the caffeine is removed from the green coffee using only water rather than potentially harsh chemicals. Once upon a time, this may have represented a compromise on flavor quality, but not anymore. We're proud to serve coffees processed in this way, and believe you'll love how it tastes.