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Bedhatu Jibicho, Ethiopia - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Bedhatu Jibicho, Ethiopia

The most memorable cups for us are the ones that not only bring us pleasure but also connect us with individuals committed to producing such special coffees. Their stories show up in the cup as much as flavor notes do. Green coffee buyer, Eric Hashimoto was captivated not only by what he tasted in the cup, but by Bedhatu’s story. 

Bedhatu Jibicho was born and raised in the same area she’s been producing coffee for over 50 years.  Gedeb is an especially fertile spot of southern Ethiopia where some of the country’s best coffees come from. Now over 80 years old, she’s worked in coffee since the 1960s when her husband acquired land from the Ethiopian government. Bedhatu has managed the daily operations of the farm even before her husband died in 1991.  Her son, Tesfaye now runs the farm. Sales of this coffee help the family reach their dreams of expanding production and starting an export company. We’re so in love with this offering that we’ve bought deep enough to offer it into 2020. Enjoy.

Process: Washed

Profile: Aromatic. Dense Lemon. 

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