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Bella Carmona, Guatemala

This beautifully balanced coffee comes to us from the Zelaya family in one of Guatemala’s most beautiful and captivating valleys, Antigua.  The cup is sweet, dense and zesty with bright acidity and notes of caramel, chocolate and blackberry. It offers an exquisite roundness and pleasant mouth-feel.

This region’s rich volcanic soil and cool weather provide the perfect conditions to produce one of the world’s best coffees. Bella Carmona is a blend of peak-of-the-harvest cherries that come from some of the best farms in Antigua to then be processed at Beneficio Bella Vista, owned by the Zelaya family. This family has been producing coffee for decades, and their experience shows in every cup. This mill uses traditional washing and sun-drying processes.

The Zelaya family also works to find ways to provide jobs to as many people in the community while supplying the best coffee possible to the specialty market. By managing many of the estates from which they buy coffee, farmers can now find good markets for their lots. This ensures the prosperity of future generations in the community.

We look forward to sharing this delicious and impactful coffee with you once again and will be offering it through spring.

Process: Washed

Profile: Dense. Zesty. Caramel. 

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