Celebration 2022

Since 2011, Highwire has commemorated the holiday season with a curated blend that we call Celebration. 

With this year's blend, we are focusing the flavor around a washed coffee from the Gura factory, a washing station in Kenya's Nyeri County.  We've had great success with Kenyan coffees this year and wanted to incorporate the punchy fruit characteristics into our holiday blend.  To this we added coffee from southern Costa Rica from a farm called La Amistad.  The Amistad helps in the mid-range flavor of the blend, adding sweetness and body.  Finally, for a spicy and chocolate base, we selected a coffee from the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico called La Concordia.  

Each of these coffees could stand on their own as a example of regional excellence, together they create a blend that's full of flavor and nuance.  In true Highwire fashion, we focused on balancing the acidity, sweetness, and body through small changes to the blend make-up and to tweaking the degree of roast.  We've arrived at a blend that highlights many of the best experiences we've had with fresh arrivals of coffee this year!  

Process: Washed
Profile: Maple. Baking Spices. Marmalade.