Cyiya Jarama, Rwanda


Rwanda hasn’t always been an origin known for quality coffee. The industry was started by Belgians in the 1930s as a colony-funding cash crop. But in the wake of the unimaginably devastating genocide of 1994, international aid arrived and coffee was one of the areas focused on. Notably, women began to take charge of rebuilding the coffee industry in a new image of quality and empowerment.

Enter Furaha Umwizeye, a Rwandan national who completed a Master’s degree in economics in Switzerland and returned to Rwanda to better contribute to her home country. In 2011 she established the Kivubelt company to ...create a model coffee plantation, as sustainable in agriculture as it is impactful in local employment and empowerment.

Cyiya Jarama comes to us from Kivubelt. Cyiya is a small, high elevation community with a distinct forest influence and volcano-enriched soil that delivers heavy, jammy coffees. Because of this, Cyiya area farms regularly receive 50% over the local market price for their cherry. Jarama is the name of the washing station that carefully preps these heirloom bourbon beans.

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