Dumerso, Ethiopia


Our newest offering from Ethiopia was sourced from the Dumerso washing station, located just outside of the town of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeo Zone.  Coffees from this area are celebrated for their unique aromatics and flavors, tending toward complex, floral notes and bright, clean acidity.  This lot exemplifies the best of these characteristics, offering up delicately fruited notes of ripe stone fruit and honey, while maintaining a brightness of acidity without tasting sharp.

Over 700 coffee producers deliver cherry to the Dumerso washing station during harvest.  There coffee is depulped, washed and left for ferment under water for 36-48 hours.  After a final rinse, the parchment covered coffees are transported to raised drying beds at the mill.  Over the subsequent weeks, coffees will be turned and cleaned by workers until dry.  Finished coffees are then checked for cup quality by a locally born, on-site specialist.  

The Dumerso washing station is owned by Hirut Berhanu. Hirut took over the the Dumerso station in 2010 and now employs over 400 people during harvest, 95% of whom are women.  Hirut, along with her sister Mahder, created a trading company which allows them to manage all aspects of processing and export.

In the roaster, we strive to preserve the best qualities that this coffee has to offer, balancing the delicate flavor with just enough roast to amplify the sweetness.  This is a truly beautiful coffee that will appeal to lovers of Ethiopian coffees.

Process: Washed

Profile: White Peach. Honey. Bright.