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Gumercindo, Honduras - Highwire Coffee Roasters
Gumercindo, Honduras - Highwire Coffee Roasters

Gumercindo, Honduras

The Catracha Project was started in the Bay Area by local resident, Mayra Orellana-Powell in 2010. Mayra was born and raised in Santa Elena, Honduras. In 2011 she imported 45 bags of coffee from 13 farmers from Santa Elena, Honduras. In 2018 she imported 417 bags of coffee from 75 farmers. 
The Catracha Project is one example of how specialty coffee can impact a farmer’s life. This non-profit cooperative ensures that profits not only go directly to farmers, but also supports a center for coffee education. 
Gumercindo Ventura with a bag of his coffee
This is our fifth year supporting the Catracha Project. This is our fourth year purchasing from Gumercindo Ventura. Gumercindo and his wife, Elsa Vasquez, are solely responsible for the production of this amazing coffee and receive 100% of the profits from the exported green coffee. They not only maintain their own small farm, but also control their own wet-mill. They started coffee farming as a way to support their family of six and provide educational opportunities for their children.

As much as we love the mission of the Catracha Project, buyer and Co-Founder, Eric Hashimoto selected this coffee first and foremost for the expressive and memorable cup it presented. He described it as "very bright, nice mouthfeel, melon and citrus flavor with a touch of spice and a clean finish. It is delicate compared to the bold intensity of the neighboring Guatemala we're currently offering and makes for a very pleasant companion in our Central American lineup."
We expect this lovely coffee to last into the new year. We look forward to this special offering each year and are so excited to share it with you.  
Learn more about Catracha Coffee Co. at

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