Hirut Shallo Natural, Ethiopia

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In celebration of National Coffee Day, Highwire is offering less than 40 bags from a single roast of a naturally processed coffee from Hirut Shallo, a producer from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Since there will only be roughly 30lbs of this to offer, we specifically sought out a coffee with both a unique story and a unique flavor profile. 

Hirut grows coffee on a relatively large farm by Ethiopian standards, nearly 13 acres, outside of the city of Yirgacheffe. For decades this region has been celebrated as one of the best coffee producing areas of the world.  Coffees on the farm are picked by hand, carefully sorted for ripeness and consistency, and then placed onto her raised drying beds while still in the fruit. Over the course of the three weeks, the coffee is turned frequently to allow even drying under the sun.

Hirut has been processing and marketing her coffee for only a few years, running the operations with her husband and four children.  

This process of drying coffee while still in the fruit is called "natural", or in this case, "sun dried natural". There is a long tradition of preparing coffee in this style in Ethiopia, but in recent years, with the advent of specialty coffee, the process has become more refined. Where once coffee was dried on the ground and bulked together in generic regional lots, now, individual producers like Hirut are able to select and process the coffees themselves.

Through a program started by our friends at Royal Coffee, in conjunction with their Ethiopian exporting partner Takele Mammo, we have access to naturally processed coffee from an individual producer, and Hirut is able to see greater profit for her and her family's labor.

We will be taking advance orders of this coffee, preselling orders ahead of our single roast of this special coffee on Wednesday, September 27th. Orders will ship that day or be available for pick-up at the roastery.