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Kamacharia, Kenya

Co-founder, Eric Hashimoto fell for this coffee for it’s distinct Kenyan traits - bright, complex fruit qualities alongside intense acidity and sweetness.  It comes to us from the Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society in the Murang’a region in Southern Kenya. Murang’a is fortunate to have rich volcanic soil farmed by skilled smallholders rather than large estates.  The Co-op was founded 25 years ago and supports farmers by setting aside funds from the previous year’s harvest so members can access financing for school and emergency funds.

This particular coffee shows just how dedicated and passionate Kenyan growers are about their harvest. Most Co-op members farm on small half-acre plots where they’re able to selectively pick and deliver only the ripest cherries to the Karugiro Factory. These ripe cherries are key for full flavor and developed sweetness. It’s here that cherries are not only processed but meticulously sorted and soaked in fresh water for long periods - reinforcing all the characteristics that make Kenyan coffees so loved.

Eric found this cup highly aromatic with notes of molasses, berry and a creamy texture.

Profile: Molasses. Berry. Creamy. 

Region: Murang'a, Kenya

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1800MSL



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