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Remera, Rwanda

Green buyer, Eric Hashimoto selected this coffee for its smooth texture and mouthfeel. It was this singular, hallmark characteristic that inspired this selection as a Highwire Fingerprints single origin.  

The best Rwandan coffees are complex, sweet, delicate and fragrant. In addition to its syrupy texture, this cup is zesty and full bodied with a dried apricot fragrance. It is 100% Bourbon variety and comes from the village of Karaba in the mountains of south-central Rwanda. It is produced by Buf Cafe - the notable washing station started by Epiphanie Muhirwa after being widowed in the 1994 genocide. Buf Cafe has two separate washing stations - Nyrusiza and Remera. This coffee comes from Remera - the larger and higher elevation of the two.

Rwanda is a particularly special place for growing coffee. Sunny tropical climate, rich volcanic soil and high altitudes mark a country with deep challenges and a complex history. It gained independence in 1962 and has since experienced numerous harrowing chapters including civil war, genocide and the daily struggle to attain economic stability. Many Rwandans have relied on coffee to rebuild their lives - often led by the women that kept this industry alive after so much turmoil. Epiphanie Muhirwa symbolizes the hard-earned success of this slow, difficult economic recovery.

We’re proud to not only offer such an enjoyable coffee, but to invest in the farmers, producers - and women - working so hard to rebuild lives.

Process: Washed

Profile: Smooth. Syrupy. Dried Apricot.



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