Steeped Bag Bauhaus


Highwire Introduces Single Serve Steeped Coffee

Steeped coffee is an idea so obvious that we didn’t take it seriously at first. It’s ground coffee in a tea bag more or less. It is packaged in an oxygen free environment for freshness and is fully compostable. All of it. And it’s good. Really. 

Who is this for? Steeped Coffee is for people on the go who don’t have the time to brew coffee the traditional way. It’s for people who are away from home and don’t have access to their usual gear. It’s for camping. Commuting. Anyone who prioritizes convenience in their coffee will love Steeped.

The instructions for brewing with Steeped are printed on the individual packages, and couldn’t be easier. You heat 8oz of water, dip the Steeped bag in the water with occasional agitation for at least five minutes, depending on desired strength, then you remove the bag and enjoy great tasting coffee. It’s that easy.

Highwire is launching Steeped with two of our most popular blends; Tightrope and Bauhaus to offer a wide range of cup profiles. Tightrope is brighter and dynamic, while Bauhaus is roast forward with deeper chocolatey notes. The idea here is to have something that will appeal to most palates.