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Celebration 2018

Each year we look forward to the release of our Celebration blend - creating it, enjoying it, and most of all sharing it with our community. While the blend is never the same from year to year, the intention behind it is. Celebration is about our community. Our intention is that people will come together over a satisfying cup of well made coffee - and take the time to appreciate each other.  For more on this, check out Co-Founder Robert Myers’ blog.

Celebration 2018 is also about doing what we can to honor all the hands that produce this coffee. The primary component this year is a Bourbon blend from the Catracha Project in Santa Elena, Honduras. Since 2010, Catracha’s Founder, Mayra Orellana-Powell, has worked to connect individual farmers from Santa Elena with the specialty coffee industry to empower farmers and to bring their produce straight to buyers. All profits from the green coffee go directly to the growers. Catracha also invests in farmer education,  improving their earning potential. Even more special is the fact that this coffee comes from Catracha growers consolidating their beans from a single heirloom variety, Bourbon.

Celebration also highlights Co-Founder, Eric Hashimoto’s approach to sourcing and blending. Eric searches throughout the year to find a green coffee that stands out as something special and worthy of Celebration - a coffee that he feels will inspire the creation of a very special blend. This year Eric was not only impressed by the work of Catracha farmers, but more importantly what he tasted in the cup. Bringing it together with other coffees to create something unique, harmonious and truly special is at the heart of what we love in coffee.

Eric blended the Catracha coffee with East African and Pacific components for a “nicely balanced and intriguingly complex coffee with floral aroma, spice and hints of almond and plums”.

This limited release blend is only available through December.  We look forward to sharing this coffee and all the love, hope and peace of the season.

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