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88th Night

88th Night

Soothing, edamame, umami

One day production Japanese green

This tea is only produced one day annually, and signals the beginning of the new tea year in Japan. We first saw this tea in 2013 and fell in love with it. We carried it seasonally for two years and developed a good local following for it. The quality fell over the next two years so we stopped offering it, but it has come back in a big way.

This lot was harvested on May 3, 2018, the 88th day after the first day of Spring in the old Japanese Risshun calendar. It comes from the Satsuma District, in central Kyushu, North of Kagoshima. 

88th Night is made from the Okumidori tea plant, a relatively rare cultivar known for a naturally sweet, cherry blossom aroma. It is lightly steamed in production, and brews a cup with a plush body and flavors of edamame and freshly withered tea leaf.

Above-average weather conditions combined with expert manufacturing at source to deliver a batch of tea that we feel is exemplary of both season and craft.

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