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Pacamara Honey Cascara

Pacamara Honey Cascara

Tart, wine-like, maple, leather

Dried coffee cherry from Finca Los Congos, Nicaragua

This is dried coffee cherry we bought directly from Rina Pagagua of Cafe Vidita, Nicaragua. There is a long history of making a tea-like beverage from dried coffee cherries in Ethiopia (hashara) and Yemen (qisher), and more recently in many other places around the world. In Central and South America, the Spanish word cascara (husk) is used to describe the dried cherry skins.

You might have tasted this cascara before as a sort of secret ingredient in Dream Baby Dream, but we thought it would be fun to offer it on its own. Even if you've tried cascara, this one stands out for a unique profile that comes from the variety (Pacamara) and process (honey).

From Rina:
“The Cascara honey is from our Finca Los Congos and it’s a Pacamara variety. The process is different in that we don’t dry the whole fruit. Instead, it’s depulped which separates the pulp/cascara from the seeds. We do not use water for depulping our Honey coffees, which ensures all the mucilage (honey) remains with the cascara, preserving its natural sweetness. Once it’s separated, we sun dry the cascara on our raised beds for about 3-4 weeks. While on the raised beds, we manually sort it to remove seeds that might still be stuck to the cascara. We then age it for at least 6 months.”

The brewed Cascara is darkly sweet and wine-like, with a tart and leathery quality that keeps things interesting. Use a healthy portion (5 grams per serving) and give it a long enough steep to unlock the fascinating flavors.

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