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Our desire to source and craft the coffees we most enjoy was a driving force in creating Highwire. We set out to make the coffee we love regardless of trends. We find deep pleasure in balance. A cup of coffee that balances the signature of the farmer and the signature of the roaster is our ideal. It’s not dark and it’s not light - it’s so much more.

It’s Big. Balanced. Complete. Acidity AND body expressed in harmony with each other. Satisfaction.




Blends are often the cups of coffee we enjoy most.

We strive to create flavors in our blends that are well integrated, seamless and unlike any other coffee. As much as we enjoy and appreciate single origin coffees, blends present a cup that isn't possible with a single origin. These cups don’t occur in nature. Each is unique. Individuals with their own personality. Mythical.    

Blends highlight the work of our coffee buyer and blender, Co-Founder, Eric Hashimoto. Unlike a lot of folks out there, we don’t list our blend ingredients. Not because it’s a secret (just ask us!)  but because our blends are so much more than a combination of components. Eric is constantly tasting samples, tweaking components, and adjusting recipes to get the harmony in the cup he has in mind. To achieve his dream cup of coffee. We believe this results in some of the best cups out there - each with its individual personality. These are the coffees we are most proud of. 


"Fingerprints" is the name of our Single Origin collection of coffees. The name is a reference to the fact that in our view, every cup of coffee has the signature - or fingerprints - of many people on it, but especially the farmer and the roaster. The farmer’s fingerprints determine the potential of this cup based on their decisions of what varietal to plant, how to care for their plants, when and how carefully to harvest and sort, etc. The roaster’s fingerprint is all about seeing and realizing the potential through its development during roasting. How will that acidity express itself? Will the body be in balance with the other components? That’s the roaster’s work. They get to decide. When these are in balance, you have Highwire's sweet spot. Balance. 




Our approach to coffee sourcing is driven by our long-standing relationships. Co-Founder, Eric Hashimoto sources through local importers that he's worked with for decades. We consider these people a part of our team. We trust their expertise in selecting the best coffees in a region. Our importers know what we are looking for in a Highwire cup and are able to find the best quality coffees to create it. 

We value the deep rooted relationships or importers have with coffee producers. We respect our importer's team who live in growing countries and are connected with farmers year-round. 






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