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Celebration 2018


Another way this Celebration expresses Highwire’s values is in the art on the bag. We’ve let the art on our coffee bags speak for our blends in ways that we believe often resonate on a deeper level than a simple listing of blend components. Our collaboration with artist and former Highwire barista, Katie Miller,  has evolved over the years and we’re excited to continue highlighting her artistic voice. Continuing to support the work of those in our closest community - our employees - makes this blend even more special. Hope is one thing Katie wanted to express in the Celebration art. We find that especially significant this year.
From Katie: 
"I've always been drawn to the printmaking process and the power that simple black and white images have.
For Celebration, I saw an image of a snowy hill with snow laden trees and there was something so nostalgic, hopeful and peaceful about that image that I knew it would be perfect to fill the number of traditions, beliefs, and emotions that abound during the holidays.  No matter who you are or what you celebrate; a quiet, snowy hill under the stars provides the space and breath to reflect on the year that passed, and the year that is yet to start.
The art on the celebration bag is meant to represent that sometimes what we need most around the holidays is simply, Peace."

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