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Our Story

We love tea because it tastes great. It makes us feel good. We know it’s good for us too, and that makes us feel even better. We created 4track tea to make delicious tea approachable, easy and fun. Our mission is to turn you on to teas that you’ll love without putting roadblocks in front of you.
Tea doesn’t have to have rules. Sure, there’s a lot of tradition in tea, and we respect that, but you don’t have to know all the customs to enjoy our tea. We’re into how good it tastes. We’re into brewing it one way...then trying something new. Just for the fun of it. We’re into making it easy, not ceremonial. No special equipment or strict parameters. Just leaves, water and time.
Who is 4track tea for? People who are looking for something that tastes really good and don’t always abide by the rules. Don’t get us wrong...lifelong tea lovers and tea experts love our tea too - they’re some of us and our best friends. But we believe that you don’t have to make it ceremonial to enjoy good tea.
We focus on tea that is high quality and approachable.
4track tea was born in 2016 by Highwire Coffee Roasters Co-Founder, Rich Avella. He knows quite a bit about tea now, but he’s still inspired by his surprise discovery as a twentysomething that tea could taste good. That’s it. Before that it was just a bitter drink other people seemed to enjoy. Once he got it, Rich was inspired to help others find a love, or at least a like, for tea. He has decades of experience in sourcing, tasting and selecting incredible teas, but it’s a desire to return to that simple realization that good tea tastes great, makes you feel good, and is so easy - that inspired him to create 4track tea.
Rich sources and selects all of our teas in addition to creating our blends. He bases decisions on what he’s loving in the cup. Teas that knock him out. Single origin teas are selected as pure expressions of a particular type or style. Our blends present the cups he dreams of. Unique entities that began as an idea for a perfect cup we couldn’t find elsewhere. Teas that convey the mood you’re in or the mood you wish you were in.
Great tasting tea makes you feel good.
Steep, play, repeat.

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