A Forest - dark imperial pu-erh



Pu'er Tea made more than 20 years ago! An imperial grade used to be crafted to be worthy of serving to the Chinese Emperor and is usually made from only the youngest leaves. This tea is aged using the cooked method which produces a darker, forest floor flavor profile. These are go-to teas when the weather turns cool and damp, for their warming propertieGo backs. Pu'er Tea is thought to have many medicinal properties in China, but one of the things we appreciate about them is how forgiving they are with regard to steep time and water temperature. They keep their smooth mouthfeel across a wide range of preparations. 

Deep, dense, warming, woodsy

Last century imperial Pu-erh

4 Track Tea is the sister brand to Highwire Coffee. We created it to explore all the ways we enjoy tea. Tea lends itself to play. It has a much wider range of what can taste great within each tea type than coffee. By playing with water temperature, or steep time you can create completely different flavor experiences with the same tea!  We choose teas based on a mood, kind of like choosing what music we feel like listening to in a moment. We invite you to see if you can go beyond the broad categories of "green tea" "black tea" "oolong tea" and get down to a mood or flavor experience. We think if you give it a try it can open up a richness of experience you may have been missing in your tea appreciation.