Bauhaus Steeped Box 10-Pack: Best Instant Coffee


Great Instant Coffee at Highwire? Yes!

Highwire Introduces Single-Serve Steeped in a convenient family pack with 10 packs. Steeped amazed us with what ought to have been an obvious idea: Put fresh-roasted and ground coffee in a large "tea bag" type pouch and seal it in an oxygen-free pouch to preserve freshness. The cup isn't truly "instant" but it's nearly so. Just add hot water and let it Steep (we recommend 5 minutes). The flavor and ease have served us well when traveling, camping, or otherwise in a space where you can't count on your typical great cup to start your day. 

This is a ten pack to get you through those longer stretches away from your whole beans and grinder set up.

Bauhaus is our version of a great dark roast. The sweet caramelized flavor and body developed in the roaster is a real crowd-pleaser. This is truly great instant coffee.