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Bedhatu Jibicho, Ethiopia

Spring is when we get our hands on some amazing Ethiopian coffees that were harvested through the fall and winter. Co-founder Eric Hashimoto’s single origin selections are not only shaped by his years of tasting and identifying stand out coffees but also by the rhythm of harvest seasons throughout coffee growing regions. This particular lot made our lineup for it’s standout fragrance, tangy citrus, complexity and sweetness.

Ethiopian farmers take special care with the coffee they grow due to the fact that the country drinks as much coffee as they export. They’re not only working towards a great export harvest, but something they’ll personally enjoy drinking.  

700 family farms in the Gedeo zone of southern Ethiopia come together at the Alemu Bukato washing station to make this coffee. The washed coffee is dried on raised beds  - a process that requires great attention and care. These raised beds keep the cherries off the ground and allow air to circulate more easily which means they’ll dry evenly, creating a more consistent coffee. It’s this attention to detail that contributes to the fragrant complexity of this coffee.

Process: Washed

Profile: Citrus. Stone Fruit. Sweet.

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