Big In Japan - Genmaicha


Japanese Green Tea. Classic. Comforting and toasty


A traditional tea made with roasted brown rice and Japanese green tea. As a tea beverage, we typically brew it similar to a black tea with hotter water and longer steep time as this brings out the full nutty flavor of the rice. Tea buyer, Rich Avella chooses the high-grade Genmaicha, even for a tea with such humble origins, as we believe it makes a difference that you can taste.

4 Track Tea is the sister brand to Highwire Coffee. We created it as a vehicle to explore all the ways we enjoy tea. It's way more than simply "green tea" or "black tea" or "herbal" "oolong" "pu'er". It's a mood. A flavor experience that these overly broad categories don't reveal. Tea invites play. By changing any of the variables: water temperature, steep time, the ratio of tea to water, you can create a completely different flavor experience within the same tea. We choose teas based on a mood or a feeling, much like choosing the best record for the moment. We think if you slip into this mindset with tea, it can unlock a world of appreciation and enjoyment that you might have been missing. Try some and see what you think!