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Buzira Muruta, Burundi

We're excited to share this lovely coffee from an origin we don't often offer: Mbirizi, Kayanza Province, Burundi.

Produced by Salum Ramadhan, Buzira Muruta is made from coffee fruit (cherry) sourced through 3000 local family-owned farmers.

Salum's commitment to community shows in the high prices he pays for cherry and extra money for hand sorting. He has a nursery program to distribute seedlings to farmers and encourages home consumption or local sales of non-exported coffee. 

Salum's passion for quality shows in this meticulously prepped lot. His washing stations are located in Kayanza Province, and each lot is traceable back to the station and harvest date. The cherries are hand sorted and undergo a three part fermentation which takes 40 hours in total.

The attention to detail shows in the cup with a refined mouthfeel and a vibrant, ripe fruit acidity balanced by a malty sweetness.

We hope you enjoy this limited offering while it lasts!

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