El Pilar, Guatemala

The city of San Juan Sacatepéquez is located just to the northwast of Guatemala's capitol of Guatemala City.  In the mountains outside of San Juan Sacatepéquez is Juan Carlos Chen's Finca El Pilar.  El Pilar is a large estate (~700 acres) but less than a third is planted in coffee.  Most of the rest is preserved forest.  The natural beauty of the area is why producer Juan Carlos Chen uses mostly organic farming methods in managing the coffee farm.  Elevations on the farm can touch 1950 meters. At these heights, coffee matures slowly, developing nuanced flavors characteristics that you won't experience in lower grown coffee.

We are captivated by the completeness of this coffee, balancing sweetness, body and acidity with flavors that reminded of of red velvet cake, cherries, and spiced apples.

Process: Washed
Profile: Cherry. Red Velvet. Spiced Apple.