Gone Green - Organic Sencha Green


Comforting, fresh greens, soft

Organic Japanese Sencha green

Gone Green has always been a spring-grown Sencha from Japan, and in 2018 we were excited to find a certified organic example that measured up to our high flavor bar. We named it for the saturated green color and flavor of this lovely tea, with a nod to a favorite New Order song. This is a comforting, approachable green tea that’s easy to love.

In 2019 we were honored to be recognized by Rodale Institute when Gone Green was named one of the first "Rodale Institute Approved" products. These are products that support healthy, regenerative organic farming practices. It's not a certification, but a “seal of approval” which recognizes products that have been grown or produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

Rodale Institute is the true birthplace of the organic movement in North America. Its mission is to expand organic agriculture by supporting farmers in converting to organic farming, conducting research on organic farming, and educating consumers on the benefits of organic food. The Institute is a non-profit organization and its work has traditionally been donor funded. By raising awareness through ‘Institute Approved’ partnerships, Rodale Institute will not only be directly in consumers kitchens, but consumers will be supporting research and farmer training programs through their purchases.

And every tube or bag of Gone Green purchased supports Rodale Institute's mission.