Huye Mountain Natural, Rwanda 12oz bag

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A returning favorite, this coffee is collected from communities of coffee farmers located in the Huye district of southern Rwanda. David Rubanzangabo started the Huye Mountain washing station to help support coffee producers in the region back in 2011. In the intervening years, Huye Mountain has become a consistent source of excellent coffee from this tiny, land-locked country. Using his skills as a trained agronomist, Mr. Rubanzangabo worked with several NGOs supporting rural agronomic investment in post-genocide Rwanda.  

Mr. Rubanzangabo eventually bought land in his native Huye district and planted his own coffee farm. After years of work and re-investement into building out the washing station, Huye Mountain now collects coffee from over 1,000 local producers.

Once the coffees are brought in, they are carefully sorted and selected.  For the natural processed coffee, ripe cherry is left to dry in the sun on raised beds that help increase air-flow and keep the coffee from over-fermenting in the fruit.  Over two weeks, the coffee will be consistently turned by hand until reaching a stable dryness.

The resulting cup explodes with fruit flavor, while retaining characteristic particular to Rwandan coffee.