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Othaya Gura, Kenya

Othaya Gura comes to us from Nyeri County, which is pretty much in the center of the country and not far from the place where coffee seedlings were first introduced to Kenya in 1893. Nyerihas traditionally benefited from growing conditions associated with great coffee - high elevation, loamy, volcanic soil, warm and mild weather with significant year-round rainfall. But like much of the (coffee) world, climate change is shaking things up. Rising temperatures and more frequent storm days are threatening plant health and leading to rapidly declining yields, making it harder for farmers and making coffees like this that much more precious.

This coffee was grown on family farms around the Gura Factory, which is managed by the Othaya Co-operative Society. Members typically farm about 250 coffee plants on half-acre plots, using a mix of SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11 varieties. So, each family produces roughly 250 pounds of finished coffee. The cherries are carefully picked and washed, with double fermentation and sun drying on raised beds. Kenya coffees are rigorously graded by size and density as a quality measure, and this lot is AA, the largest grade, associated with the ripest fruit and fully realized flavor. All steps from picking to sorting are done with care to realize the quality potential of the cherries in a coffee like this

The sample-roasted cup is coming in with tons of potential. Here’s what Eric has to say about it: Floral aromatics. Rich berry flavor with hints of spice. Big body.

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