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Sulawesi, Mamasa

Indonesia is a pretty amazing place. Comprised of thousands of islands, home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages - it represents an incredible diversity that also comes through in it’s coffee. Many of these islands produce some of the most distinctive coffee out there and like it’s people, Indo Pacific coffees are just as varied and complex. Coffee drinkers are familiar with the big-bodied, often earthy coffees from Sumatra. Sulawesi is the less-known island producing coffees of more refinement.

In addition to offering such a special coffee, Co-Founder and green buyer, Eric Hashimoto is grateful for the opportunity to show our support to the people of Sulawesi after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck this past September.

This particular coffee comes to us from the Mamasa Valley, or “lovely valley” on the island of Sulawesi where the harvest is from May to November.  Mamasa is home to some of the highest grown coffee in Indonesia which results in an unbelievably clean and smooth cup. If you like the syrupy body and low acidity of Indonesian coffee but aren't a big fan of all the complex earthiness, this could be your new favorite.

Eric grabbed only a few bags of this jewel so you’re going to need to act fast - it’ll be gone this spring. The pleasing and unique flavor in the cup stood out to Eric along with the pine aroma, sweet melon taste with spice notes and a smooth texture.

We’re jazzed to start 2019 with such a special coffee to share with you. Enjoy.

Process: Wet Hulled
Profile: Pine. Melon. Spice. 

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