Winter Morning 2020/21 - seasonal rare blend


Malty, cocoa, warming spice

Our seasonal blend of nuanced, rare black teas

Nothing came easy this year, and my delay in releasing the new Winter Morning reinforces that. But here we are, and as I taste the first cup from my first production blend on this rainy homebound day, I'm reminded of why I make it. This tea soothes and comforts me. 

The aroma of the leaves in the pre-warmed pot reminds me of the hot cocoa my daughter's asking for, and the flavor unrolls on a velvety mouthfeel, a taut line of brisk and smooth, wet and dry. A malty softness comes courtesy of a new lot of Golden Monkey, which stars in this tea for a second year in a row. It contributes a substantial foundation and cocoa flavor. My search for dimension and complexity led me to two new teas. The first is a rare lot called Hong Mao Feng, from Northwest Fujian Province. This early spring harvest brings a smoothness and floral sweetness that reminds me of grape mochi. And last but not least, a Keemun called Mao Feng Ming Qian adds a touch of baked apricot and a spicy snap that adds tension. Mao Feng refers to the peaked shape of the leaves, and both teas have a long curve to them, showing their fine plucking, hand rolling, and careful handling. 

The finished tea is approachable and easy drinking, with the smoothness of an oolong and layers of flavor that reward the mindful taster. With strict limitations on availability of these component teas, the supply of 2020/21 Winter Morning will be more limited than in years past. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

Here's to tasty cups and better times ahead.

Rich Avella