It is finally here!  With a brand new bag and some new designs we are very excited to roll out our new packaging today!

Why did we change packaging?

First and foremost, freshness. We roast twice a week so we can deliver consistently fresh coffee to our stores and to our customers. The added protection in our new high barrier bag will help maintain that freshness longer.

What does the artwork on the bags mean?

Our blends have different images on the bags in the hope that you will find and recognize a coffee you love.  

We wanted to do the same thing for our single origin offerings to represent different world regions.

The square image indicates coffees from Indonesia/Pacific Isles.

The triangle image indicates coffees from Africa.

The circular image indicates coffees from Central and South America.

So, if you love to try coffees from all regions or if you really like coffee from one particular region, you will easily be able to find the coffee you like in our lineup.

How much coffee is in each package?

12 ounces. In an effort to maintain freshness, this slightly smaller package will help keep the coffee in your home tasting great until it is finished. Considering an 8oz cup, each bag has enough inside to make about 20-24 cups of coffee.

Our sincere hope is that your last cup tastes as great as the first. By making the quantity a bit more manageable and increasing the barrier of the bag we are trying to get closer to that goal.

Thanks so much!

March 07, 2016 — Katie Miller

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