At Highwire we bring our own approach to coffee and roasting.

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Perfect Balance

We evaluated and experimented with roast styles and tastes to find our sweet spot: balance.

The care and attention paid by the farmers lend our cups characteristic aromatics, brightness, and fruit sweetness. Our coffee buyer prioritizes the latest green coffee arrivals to ensure our blends and single origins are always their freshest. Then we roast and ship the same day to take the same care with green coffee with the roasted product so you enjoy the coffee at its absolute peak.

We love Big

We love big bold cups of coffee that still taste like the place they come from.

We see our partners as an extension of the Highwire family and we are just as proud of their success as we are of our own. We value hard work and dedication. Serving Highwire to your guests communicates your commitment to quality and community.

Created in Oakland

4 Track Tea

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We're more than great coffee

4 Track

4 Track is our sister brand and is about making delicious tea fun and accessible. It re-centers the pure sensory enjoyment in a cup of tea. Drink it because it's delicious and not only because it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Tipu's Chai

We discovered Tipu's Chai years ago and knew we wanted to work with them. We love the authenticity of their flavors and the quality of their product. They're also awesome people. We fell so hard for this stuff that we now get to share it with you. 

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