We started Highwire Coffee Roasters in 2011 with the intention of building a company where people who are passionate about coffee and want a career in coffee will find a professional home. We are about making delicious coffee first and foremost, but how we get there is what makes it worth doing.

Highwire is founded on two things we love:

Coffee that is meticulously sourced and roasted to bring balance between the body of a big cup and the subtleties of its origin. This is the coffee that we love drinking and the ideal we pursue daily.

Connecting with genuine, enthusiastic people. We feed on the energy enthusiasts bring. The hunger to learn and share with others. Those who seek knowledge to satisfy genuine curiosity, and recognize learning is a path rather than a destination. These are the people we love to work with, the people we want to serve, the people we want to be.

Rich Avella has been in the coffee and tea business since 1990. He spent 20 years at Peet's Coffee and Tea, working alongside legendary figures in the industry such as Eliot Jordan and training many future coffee and tea leaders along the way. Much of his career has been dedicated to helping people discover an appreciation for this everyday beverage. To learn through focused tasting how to articulate what it is they like or dislike in a cup and what makes it taste the way it does. He has judged barista competitions all the way to the highest levels, and is respected for his balanced perspective and discerning palate.

Eric Hashimoto buys the green coffees for Highwire. He started his coffee career at Peet's in 1996 where he spent long hours cupping and sample roasting with Jim Reynolds and Doug Welsh, two of the most highly respected cuppers in the industry. Eric has a terrific palate and has cupped in international competitions. He ensures that we get highest quality green coffee. He favors classic, balanced and present flavors over the ephemeral or unusual. A good blend is described by what is in the cup rather than a blend recipe. 

Robert Myers has been a coffee and tea lover since working at his first coffee shop in 1991. His passion is for those moments of genuine connections, when two people take a second out of their stressed lives to appreciate the coffee, the other person and the care that goes into making it special. He loves working in a busy cafe bar and the energy it has when everyone works well together.