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Let's Celebrate Family & Friends

We're Ringing in the Festive Season With This Limited Edition Coffee & our perennial favorite cool weather tea; Winter Morning

It's not fully dark, but it is where a lot of interesting things happen.
— Shadow Play
For fans of lighter, brighter, approachable coffees.
— Tightrope
Our everyday espresso since the beginning. Big with red ripe fruit acidity and caramel.
— The Core
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Highwire Coffee Roasters

Highwire is an East Bay owned and operated coffee roasting and tea company that serves approachable, balanced cups of coffee, with warm, welcoming service.

We love to connect around our enthusiasm for coffee, our communities, and music.

With or without milk, this is our favorite breakfast tea.
— East Bay Breakfast
A top notch blend of Honey Orchid and a rare Yunnan for lovers of smooth and nuanced black tea.
— Just Like Honey
Organic Japanese Sencha grown and skillfully produced in Shizuoka. Approachable and smooth.
— Gone Green Sencha
We couldn't find the ideal iced tea so we made our own. Super refreshing.
— Cruel Summer Iced Tea
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