Gumercindo Ventura, Honduras

Highwire first offered Gumercindo’s coffee in 2016, based on samples from a program called the Catracha Project, which serves to highlight coffee from producers that live around the village of Santa Elena in the La Paz department of Honduras. (Catracha/Catracho is the name that other Latin Americans use to refer to people from Honduras.)

Mayra Orellana-Powell, a native of Santa Elena, started the Catracha Project in an effort to connect buyers more directly to producers in her home town, raising their profile and increasing amount paid directly to the producer. Mayra, in conjunction with Royal Coffee Importers, has helped to connect Gumercindo and Highwire every year since 2016.
Gumercindo’s farm is called La Palma. It is pretty small — only a single hectare.  On this plot, he grows a variety of coffee called Catuaí, which is known for high yields and sweetness. 

This coffee arrived at the roastery just last week and we're very happy with the results we're getting out of the roaster.  As with previous harvests, the primary quality of this coffee is it's sweetness, offering up a lingering caramel note from start to long finish.  Along with with mild apple-like acidity were tasting an (almost signature) almond note in Gumercindo's coffee. We have loved this coffee over the years because of its consistent sweetness, and you'll find this year's lot will be no exception.  

Process: Washed
Profile: Caramel Apple, Almond, Sweet