It's not often that we come across a coffee like this one.  Eulises Guzman is a coffee producer outside the city of La Plata in the Huila department of Colombia.  He grows several varieties of coffee on his farm, La Lomita, but the Pink Bourbon is his masterpiece.

Though fun to say, Pink Bourbon is probably a misnomer, with some recent testing demonstrating that this coffee variety is most likely a transplant from Ethiopia, perhaps even from stock wholly unrelated to the Bourbon variety that is pervasive throughout the rest of the coffee growing world.  

Regardless what you want to call it, the coffee is bursting with juicy, tart characteristics. Through careful processing after the cherries are picked, Eulises can amplify the flavors, creating a cup that tastes more like a Kenyan coffee— bright, sweetly acidic, juicy and full.

We have only a few bags of this very precious lot, so for this week only, we are featuring it as the coffee of the week in all of our shops.  So please swing by and grab a cup, or a bag, while supplies last!


October 27, 2023 — Steve Ford

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