Coscientious Objector, our blend of certified organic coffees from Colombia, Mexico and Ethiopia, will be served in all of our stores this week!  We like to think of "Consc" (as we call it around the roastery) as a playground for different flavors.  A space to experiment with how we can use different organic coffees from different origins to help amplify and balance each other.

The primary ingredient in this version of the blend comes from the Huila department of Colombia, where 230 member producers of Grupo Asociativo El Bombo, or ASOBOMBO, cultivate a mish-mash of coffees varieties in the mountains above the city of Pitalito. The coffee from this community is great: solid sweetness, lots of dried fruit, dark chocolate, a hefty body—the perfect base to our Fall version of  Conscientious Objector. 

To this, we add coffee from the state of Chiapas, in Mexico.  This coffee comes from the community of Ángel Albino Corzo.  The producers that contributed to this lot cultivate varieties like Bourbon and Maravillas at elevations around 1400-1500 meters.  This coffee brings a lot of the mid-tone weight and sweetness, semi-sweet chocolate, hazelnut, caramel.

Finally, to accentuate some brightness and acidity, one quarter of this blend is from the Riripa Washing station in the West Ardi Zone of south-central Ethiopia. Over 700 producers around the Riripa community deliver coffee to the Haji Betro wet mill in the Nansebo Woreda. Coffees are then process in the traditional washed method, where the seed of the coffee is separated from the fruit before being fermented and washed. This cleaning process, joined with slow drying on raised beds, helps to produce a coffee that is both incredibly sweet and complex.  In the context of Conscientious Objector, the Riripa provides a little fruit and refreshing sparkle.

Together, these coffees create a complex, bodied, and sweet experience that I'm sure folks will enjoy.

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