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Bauhaus: Dark Roast Done Right

Dark Roast coffee the way we like it. Bauhaus is our darkest one. Spooky.

Among many third-wave roasters, darker flavors are scary as many seek to avoid even a hint of them in their beans. Not with us.

At Highwire, Bauhaus remains a favorite among fans of sweet, mellow, full-bodied cups that only a skillful dark roast can provide. We bring Central and South American Coffees together, then our roasters take the development deep enough to bring you the bittersweet chocolate cookie flavors of a full roast without dominant smokiness. Don't be afraid of the dark! This cup is delicious. 

Process: Washed

Profile: Full. Roasty Chocolate. Smooth. 

The balance we seek in this cup is between the dark chocolate notes and sweetness. Dark roast without the bitterness. Look for it, whether you drink your cup black or enjoy some cream and sugar. 


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