Introducing Heraclitus!

We would love to announce a super exciting event going down on Tuesday February 10th!

To continue the collaborative effort we started with our POWERHOUSE SERIES Highwire Coffee and Drake's brewer Hal 9000 have teamed up on an inventive and exciting new brew called Heraclitus!

Come on down to Jupiter in Berkley at 3pm-6pm for an awesome meet and greet with Hal and Cody for the SF Beer Week crowd!

Heraclitus will be served in a flight with Drake's IPA and a very special batch of our Howling Wolf Nitro coffee that is brewed with 100% Ethiopia Kochere!

What's So Special About This Beer?
Heraclitus is a beer that represents where two craft industries are now. Rather than putting forward another coffee stout that tastes roasty and chocolatey, we decided to try something new.
This beer is an IPA.
We decided we didn't want the bottom heavy roastiness of coffee. What we wanted to highlight was the subtle nuances and aromatics of our favorite Ethiopian coffee.
We understood that adding coffee to the hot brewing process would just enhance an earthy and roasty flavor, so we instead opted to Dry Hop the beer with this coffee.
This way we would preserve aromatics and delicate flavor notes.
To go a step further, we hand selected hops and malts that would accentuate the flavors we loved about the coffee we selected.
Expect light and sweet flavors that go down nicely. The back end flavor is complimented by a pillowy mouthfeel as well as beautifully complex citrus and just a touch warm caramel. The idea was to not make a novelty beer, but an amazing IPA that could stand on it's own.
We think we knocked it out of the park.  Be at Jupiter in Berkeley Feb. 10th from 3-6pm to check it out.
February 09, 2015 — Katie Miller

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