It's no secret that we at Highwire Coffee are huge fans of the coffees of Guatemala. Guatemala coffees are like a good friend - balanced, reliable, and comforting. They often don't get the praise they deserve because they don't preen and demand your attention the way some other origin's coffees do. Instead, they are quietly complete. They deliver heft, mouthfeel, juiciness and balance. For these reasons and more, we love this origin and want to share it with you.

On August 2nd, we will do a one-time roast of three Guatemala coffees that we feel are great representations of the regions in which they are grown. Antigua, Atitlan and Fraijanes share classic Guatemala characteristics, but are quite distinct from each other. 

Your order will contain three 1/3lb bags of these fine coffees, roasted and shipped the same day. We will include a write up about the coffees, regions and farms, as well as our cupping notes from the day. This project is a labor of love that we think you'll enjoy. Supplies are very limited as we are only doing the one roast of each of these coffees. Order yours today.

July 25, 2012 — Robert Myers

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