In 2020, Rich and I learned a lot about how to run many aspects of our business that used to be run by other, more capable, people. In 2021, the learning continues. Today, with the roll out of our new-look website, we learned about an array of web functions and features we don't understand. Things that didn't migrate with the new theme. Thing that weren't working as intended even before the migration. So a few of you may find your login doesn't work. Or a product you usually order isn't showing. For our wholesale customers, there will be a new way of obtaining our discounted pricing. Please be patient as we work out these bugs, and feel free to email us if you need help with your particular order. We will get most of this cleared up very quickly. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Until the next teachable moment.

February 03, 2021 — Robert Myers

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