Bauhaus, the darkest coffee in our year-round line-up, will be featured as our coffee of the week in all Highwire locations starting this coming Monday. With Bauhaus, we have embraced our darker side, taking this blend deeper into the roast than any other on our menu.

Not all coffees are suitable for this roast style, so we carefully tweak the blend throughout the year to make sure that Bauhaus always has enough sweetness and origin character to balance the roastiness. 


Currently the blend is primarily coffee Santa Maria de Dota, from the Dota Valley of Costa Rica.  This coffee is collected and processed at CoopeDota, Costa Rica's first carbon-neutral coffee cooperative, based (you guessed it) in the town of Santa Maria de Dota.  Member producers in the nearby mountains harvest and deliver their cherry to CoopeDota to be cleaned and dried.  The resulting coffee, at this roast level, comes out as dark chocolate and caramel.

We recently switched over the Colombian component of Bauhaus to a coffee from the Grupo Asociativo El Bombo, or ASOBOMBO, Coffee producers from around the community of El Bombo, outside the city of Pitalito in the Huila department of Colombia, cultivate Bourbon, Caturra, and Colombia variety coffees at elevations between 1600-2100 meters above sea level. This coffee brings body, heft, a little bit for fruit, and a whole lot of dark chocolate character to the blend.



Finally, we going through the very last bags of our coffee from Rwanda's Huye Mountain as an accent note in the Bauhaus blend.  This is a naturally processed coffee that we have offered as a single origin.  In Bauhaus, the berry notes still come through, adding complexity and sweetness to the flavor.

Together, these coffees combine to create a hefty but nuanced cup that holds together at the roasting intensity of Bauhaus.


September 16, 2023 — Steve Ford

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