Highwire is an experiment in ways that a coffee business can be a force for good. One way for anyone to do good is to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste of resources.

This is a core value of ours. We make choices where possible that promote the sustainability of the environment. We're always trying to move toward more sustainable practices, even as we have to balance them with other considerations. In this case, we feel like we've got a winner.

Coffee bags have been on our list for a long time, and we've watched as compostable options have evolved and improved. Highwire uses about 3,000 retail coffee bags per month, so taking these out of landfills and into compost bins diverts a significant amount of waste. The labels still need to be removed, but we're moving a step in the right direction. We recently found a compostable bag we're excited about and are about to unveil it. Only problem is the new bag isn't here yet and we're about out of our current bags.

So, for the next couple weeks you'll see a shorter and wider coffee bag shape. They look different, but these temporary bags still have the same delicious coffee you've come to expect from Highwire.

Look for our new compostable coffee bags starting around the middle of this month.

January 05, 2017 — Robert Myers

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