Goodbye Rwanda Coproca! Hello Tanzania Tarime!

We have roasted the last of our Rwanda Coproca, but don't be sad! We have a new amazing African coffee on it's way! The Tanzania Tarime comes to us from the Mara region of Tanzania.This coffee comes from elevations as high as 2,000 MASL (meters above sea level).

Higher elevation coffees have a slower maturation on the plant, which leads to more complex flavors and more elusive sweetness. These farms that cotnribute to Tarime are all small holding farms, they only have between .5-3 hectares. 1 Hectare is 2.5 Acres

Tarime is located in the northwest of the Serengeti National Park and south of the Kenyan border. The soil in the region is one of the best for coffee production in Tanzania. Coffee is Sundried. The excellent rainfall, rich soils, steep hills, and different microclimates are favorable characteristics for the production of coffee in the region.

First roast of the Tarime begins Monday, April 20th!

Colombia Huila Finca La Ilusion Natural

We're really excited about this one!

Naturally processed coffees aren't something we often carry. The Natural Process or Dry-Process involves taking unmilled coffee cherries and leaving them to dry in the sun inside of their skin for several weeks. This process leads to amazing and explosive fruit like flavors throughout the flavor profile.

The naturally processed coffees we decide to carry don't only have the intense flavor but also the bottom heaviness to create a balanced and full cup.

A natural from Colombia is amazingly rare, and this coffee hails from an elevation of 1800 MASL, which is quite high for a coffee from Colombia.

We're sure you'll absolutely love it!  First roast TBD.  Stay tuned!

April 16, 2015 — Robert Myers

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