Highwire Coffee has existed in our heads for a long time. Rich and I talked wistfully about having a coffee and tea company probably 15 years ago. Eric and I had endless conversations about how coffee should be. About the right way to do things, etc. So it is a little surreal to step back and realize its become real. Bringing an idea out of each of our heads and applying it to a space with its own history and culture has been hard work. I want to take this space to thank everyone who has contributed to making our shared dream come true. Thank you. We have had lots of help.

Also, this website (and so many other things that make Highwire run) would not have happened if it weren't for Courtney Reynolds. She put in the time to get this going and built it from the ground up. She is the friendly voice who answers the phone when you call our roastery. She has helped bring order to the behind the scenes chaos that was Highwire. She does the bookkeeping, blends the teas, makes the bag labels, fills orders, sings to herself and handles surprise visits from regulatory agencies. She is also a trusted taster who can make a solid recommendation of a particular coffee or tea. Thank you Courtney for all the work you've done for us so far.

Intentions are a bear. I hope we can use this space going forward to keep you up to date on Highwire happenings as well as anything else that seems interesting enough to share. But I'm not promising. 

April 10, 2012 — Robert Myers

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