Recently i've been thinking a lot about the nature of retail service, and my own patterns and preferences as a customer. Somewhere along the way I realized that I really prefer to do business with people that I like. Sometimes my "liking" them is a projection of my own impression of the business, the owners or employees. Sometimes it is based on my experience of their friendliness or expertise. It is always based on a sense I have of whether I believe they are in business for the love of what they do or if I think they are just after my money.  The love is the value-add in my world. I like to connect with people based on shared love or passion. I respect doing what one loves to make a living, and have managed to do this for 21 years now. 

On the service side of the counter, it is the same. I love serving coffee and tea to folks who I believe appreciate it as much as I do. Also, people who know how much goes into a good roast, or blend, or cup and value it the way I do. When both sides of the counter meet at these junctures, we achieve what I consider the ideal in business. A person to person exchange based on mutual appreciation for the products and respect. We will work hard everyday to make sure we hold up our end of this bargain. I hope you enjoy the results.


May 11, 2012 — Robert Myers

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